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Computational Logic

AI Game Playing Seminar

Course Description

Prof. Thielscher, Stephan Schiffel

Each participant chooses a specific topic on Game Playing and AI. They are then requested to become acquainted with the topic by reading the relevant literature (select 2 or 3 recent scientific articles on the topic). At the end of the lecturing period, the participants present their topic in a talk (20 to 25 minutes + 5 to 10 minutes discussion). They are also required to write a paper on the selected topic (~10 pages in length), which conforms to the standards of scientific writing. Talks can be held in english or german.

Time Table

  • There is no weekly meeting. If you want to take the course, choose a topic and contact Stephan Schiffel.
  • Talks: July 7th, 10-12am, 1-2pm in room 2026
  • Deadline for paper: end of July (exact date TBA)


During the Open House or by appointment.


We want each student to focus on a specific game and present the state of the art techniques used in computer programs playing this game.

Topic Student
Backgammon Peter Steinke
Chess and/or chess variants (Chinese Chess, Japanese Chess, etc.) M. Fauzan Tahwil
Go Robert Stelzmann
Hex Paul Grunewald
Lines of Action Milka Hutagalung
Skat Seif El-Din Bairakdar
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