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Computational Logic

Seminar Abstract Argumentation

Winter Term 2013

Course Description

Argumentatin is one of the major fields in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The concept of abstract Argumentation Frameworks (AFs) has been introduced by Phan Minh Dung in 1995. There arguments together with a binary relation called attacks are the only components one needs to represent and reason over conficting knowledge. In this couse the students should get an oververview over the actual research topics in the field of (abstract) argumentation. After an introduction on the basic concepts the student will review recent topics (selected papers from the latest conferences and journals) and present them in a 30 min talk at the end of the semester.

List of possible topics:
  • Abstract Dialectical Frameworks (ADFs),
  • Instantiations,
  • Dynamics in argumentation,
  • Loops in argumentation frameworks,
  • Argumentation and Answer-Set Programming (ASP),
  • Equivalences in AFs,
  • SAT-Procedures for AFs,
  • Computational Complexity of AFs,
  • Social Choice and Argumentation,
  • Argumentation and the Semantic Web,
  • Argumentation and Game Theory,

Lecturer:  Dr. Sarah Alice Gaggl


Status:  advanced unit

SWS (lecture/tutorial/practical):  0/2/0

Examination method:  presentation


  • none


After some introductory lectures on the basics of abstract argumentation the students will select their topics.
The seminar is scheduled for Friday, 11:10-12:40 (DS 3) in room INF E005.
The presentations will be held blocked on 17th and 18th January 2014.

Lecture Date Time Slides
Intro, Abstract AFs 1.11.2013 DS3 slides_sem1.pdf
Complexity 8.11.2013 DS3 slides_sem2.pdf
ADFs and Topics Selection 15.11.2013 DS3 slides_sem3.pdf
Implementation Methods 22.11.2013 DS3 slides_sem4.pdf
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Author: Dr. Sarah Gaggl

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