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Computational Logic

Foundations of Logic Programming

Winter Term 2013/14

Course Description

Logic programming supports the declarative programming paradigm, which describes the solution logically rather than how to compute it. This introductory course covers the fundamental topics of logic programming such as rule-based syntax, procedural and declarative semantics, negation, the logic programming language PROLOG, and answer set programming.

Lecturer:  Prof. Sebastian Rudolph, Dr. Sarah Alice Gaggl

Modules:  INF-BAS2, MCL-LCP

Status:  basic unit

SWS (lecture/tutorial/practical):  2/1/0

Examination method:  written exam


  • none


There will be an additional Q&A session on Tuesday, 4th February 2014, 15:20-16:20 together with FCP in room INF E005.
List of relevant topics for the exam: Topics_ExamFLP_WS2013.txt.
The lecture is scheduled for Monday, 11:10-12:40 (DS 3) in room INF E005.
The tutorial will be held biweekly on Monday, 13:00-14:30 (DS4) in room INF E005.

Lecture Date Time Slides
Introduction 21.10.2013 DS3 L1.pdf
Unification 28.10.2013 DS3 L2.pdf
Tutorial 1 28.10.2013 DS4 FLP2013-T1.pdf, solutionsT1.pl
Procedural Interpretation 04.11.2013 DS3 L3.pdf
Declarative Interpretation 11.11.2013 DS3 L4.pdf
Tutorial 2 11.11.2013 DS4 FLP2013-T2.pdf
Pure PROLOG 18.11.2013 DS3 L5.pdf
Negation: Procedural Interpretation 25.11.2013 DS3 L6.pdf
Tutorial 3 25.11.2013 DS4 FLP2013-T3.pdf
Negation: Declarative Interpretation 02.12.2013 DS3 L7.pdf
Program Termination 09.12.2013 DS3 L8.pdf
Tutorial 4 09.12.2013 DS4 FLP2013-T4.pdf
Introduction to ASP 16.12.2013 DS3 L9_asp1.pdf
Stable Model Semantics 06.01.2014 DS3 L10_asp2.pdf
Tutorial 5 06.01.2014 DS4 FLP2013-T5.pdf
Solving Part I 13.01.2014 DS3 L11_asp3.pdf
Solving Part II 20.01.2014 DS3
Tutorial 6 20.01.2014 DS4 FLP2013-T6.pdf
Modeling 27.01.2014 DS3
Q&A 04.02.2014 15:20-16:20


  • Krzysztof R. Apt. From Logic Programming to Prolog. Prentice Hall 1997.
  • Martin Gebser, Roland Kaminski, Benjamin Kaufmann and Torsten Schaub. Answer Set Solving in Practice. Morgan and Claypool 2012.
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