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Computational Logic

Foundations of Semantic Web Technologies

Summer Term 2014

Course Description

Ontologies are currently becoming the major paradigm for knowledge representation and reasoning. Their success is driven by the Semantic Web effort, but there is also considerable use outside the Web context, e. g. in information integration or life sciences. In this course, we will present an in-depth treatment of the ontology representation languages RDF and OWL as well as associated query languages which are recommended standards by the World Wide Web consortium.

Lecturer:  Prof.  Sebastian Rudolph

Module:  MCL-KR, MCL-PI

Status:  advanced unit

SWS (lecture/tutorial/practical):  4/2/0

Examination method:  to be announced


  • Basics of First-Order Logic, XML


The lecture is scheduled for Friday, 14:50-16:20 (DS 5) and 16:40-18:10 (DS 6) and Wednesday, 16:40-18:10 (DS6) in room INF E005.
The first lecture will be on Wednesday, 9th April 2014 at 16:40-18:10 (DS6) in room INF E005.

  • exact schedule see below:
Lecture Date Time Slides
Overview & XML 09.04.2014 DS6 L1-OverviewAndXML.pdf
Overview & XML 11.04.2014 DS5 L1-OverviewAndXML.pdf
Introduction into RDF 11.04.2014 DS6 L2-IntroRDF.pdf
RDFS - Syntax & Intuition 16.04.2014 DS6 L3-RDFS.pdf
Tutorial 1 23.04.2014 DS6 T1.pdf
RDFS - Semantics 25.04.2014 DS5 L4-RDFS-Semantics.pdf
RDFS Rule-based Reasoning 25.04.2014 DS6 L5-Rules-RDFS.pdf
Tutorial 2 30.04.2014 DS6 T2.pdf
SPARQL Syntax & Intuition 02.05.2014 DS5 L6-SPARQL-Syntax.pdf
SPARQL - Semantics 02.05.2014 DS6 L7-SPARQL-Semantics.pdf
SPARQL Algebra 09.05.2014 DS5 L8-SPARQL-Algebra.pdf
Tutorial 3 09.05.2014 DS6 T3.pdf
OWL - Syntax & Intuition 14.05.2014 DS6 L9-OWL-Syntax.pdf
OWL & Description Logics 16.05.2014 DS5 L10-OWL-DLs.pdf
OWL 2 16.05.2014 DS6 L11-OWL2.pdf
Tutorial 4 23.05.2014 DS5 T4.pdf
Tableau I 23.05.2014 DS6 L12-Tableau1.pdf
Tableau II 30.05.2014 DS5 L13-Tableau2.pdf
Tutorial 5 30.05.2014 DS6 T5.pdf
Hypertableau I 04.06.2014 DS6 L14-HypTab1.pdf
Hypertableau II 06.06.2014 DS5 L15-HypTab2.pdf
Tutorial 6 06.06.2014 DS6 T6.pdf
SPARQL 1.1 18.06.2014 DS6 L16-SPARQL11.pdf
SPARQL Entailment 20.06.2014 DS5 L17-SPARQL-Entailment.pdf
Tutorial 7 20.06.2014 DS6 T7.pdf
OWL and Rules 25.06.2014 DS6 L18-OWLandRules.pdf
Ontology Editing 27.06.2014 DS5
Ontology Engineering 27.06.2014 DS6
Tutorial 8 02.07.2014 DS6
Linked Data&Applications 04.07.2014 DS5
Q&A Session 09.07.2014 DS6
Q&A Session 11.07.2014 DS5


  • Foundations of Semantic Web Technologies (Chapman & Hall/CRC Textbooks in Computing) by P. Hitzler, M. Krötzsch, and S. Rudolph
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