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TU Dresden Spin-Off demonstrates next generation router firmware

On June 9, Imagination Technologies and Kernkonzept announced the availability of the L4Re microkernel system for the MIPS architecture, supporting the recently introduced hardware virtualization functionality.

The announcement comes with a demonstration of the technology showing a multi-tenant router device that uses several virtual machines to isolate the radio device from the common router functionality. This comes in the wake of the FCC regulations that prevent user modification of software that adjusts wireless frequency parameters on the router. Through the clean separation both the legal requirements can be fulfilled while also running user-controlled software stacks on the router.

The virtualization solution is based on the L4Re microkernel technology, originating from TU Dresden's Operating Systems Group, providing a minimal trusted computing base to isolate wireless frequency control from the main router firmware. The L4Re system is maintained and developed by the spin-off company Kernkonzept, located in Dresden. The Operating Systems Group is delighted that its technology is used to provide open technologies on the Internet.

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Author: Dr.-Ing. Michael Roitzsch

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