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Computer Vision

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Welcome to the Computer Vision Lab Dresden    

Computer Vision is a science that develops models and methods for understanding, analysing, acquiring and processing images and in generally high-dimensional “visual” data. Computer Vision is an inter-disciplinary field with strong links to Machine Learning, Optimization, Biology, Computer Graphics, and Human Computer Interaction. The mission of the Computer Vision Lab Dresden is to develop novel theoretical concepts which are practically relevant. We work on a broad set of applications, ranging from physics-based vision to semantic scene understanding, and BioImaging. On the theoretical side we focus on efficient optimization and learning techniques for graphical models.

Open Positions

If you are excited to join a growing team and to explore new opportunities to establish computer vision and machine learning techniques in Dresden - then please see our job offers. Especially the research fields of Computational Biology, 3D Scene Understanding and Physics-based Vision are of interest. We have openings for PostDocs, PhD Students, and Interns


  • CVLD is now part of  the Dresden International PhD Program on System Biology (click here). 
  • Three Papers accepted to ECCV '14 on learning object instance recognition, 9DoF optical flow, and non-parametric Higher-Order CRFs
  • First Paper at MICCAI '14 on "active graph matching". This is joint work with Gene Myers group at MPI-CBG Dresden.
  • Co-organising a workshop at Siggraph Asia on Indoor Scene Understanding: Where Graphics meets Vision (click here)
  • Two papers accepted to CVPR '14, on large displacement RGBD flow and semantic segmentation, in collaboration with Phil Torr's team at Oxford University.
  • We have new topics for Diploma-, Master-, Bachelor-Thesis (click here)
  • Best Paper Award at CVPR '13 on Discriminative Non-Blind Deconvolution, Uwe Schmidt, Carsten Rother, Sebastian Nowozin, Jeremy Jancsary, and Stefan Roth.

Office Hours

Katrin Heber (secretary): Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday: 14-16
Carsten Rother: please arrange an appointment with Katrin Heber


We have strong, international collaborations: Oxford University, University College London, HCI Heidelberg, TU Darmstadt, Microsoft Research Cambridge, Prague University, TU Vienna, Adobe, TU Munich, MPI Tuebingen, and more.

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Prof. Ph.D.
Carsten Rother

Room INF-2022
Phone: +49 351 463-38379

Katrin Heber
Nöthnitzer Str. 46
01187 Dresden

Room INF-2023
Phone: +49 351 463-38372
Fax: +49 351 463-32369

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