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Chair of HCI

lab equipment

spatial environment

The usability lab of the chair Human-Computer Interaction consists of a room divided into a test room and an observation room. The two parts are separated by glass walls, so that there is an acoustic separation between test room and observation room. The tests take place in the test room, and they can be recorded by video camera. In the observation room the tests can be watched by special software (e.g. Morae) or hardware (scan converter) on the monitor. In addition, the usability lab provides an opportunity to conduct interviews and focus groups.

technical equipment

The usability lab is equipped with modern technical equipment and special software for usability and accessibility research. The device configuration can be adapted to various tests so that even very specific and demanding tests can be carried out. These enable a detailed recording and therefore an accurate analysis and evaluation.

hardware equipment:

  • a high-performance computer with raid system each in the observation room and test room
    These ensure an efficient data collection and a better overview of the test process.
  • different cameras, microphones and tripods
    The laboratory has digital and analog, permanently installed and freely moving cameras in different sizes. Furthermore, there is a controllable webcam with its own webserver.
  • voice communication between observation room and test room
  • scan converter
    Scan converter is a special video editing device with which it is possible to combine the screen content and the face of the subject in the video recording.

With the help of these devices the tests can be conducted in the best way according to the test requirements.

software equipment:

  • screen capture tool Morae
    Morae consists of three components: recorder, remote viewer and manager. The Morae Recorder records the desktop, user behaviours and audio. These are synchronized in real time. With the Remote Viewer the recordings taken in the test room can be observed live in the observation room. Finally, the records can be edited and analyzed with Morae Manager.
  • diverse video editing software
    Using this software is it enables to create video files in various formats.
  • test analysis program SPSS
    SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is a software that is often used for statistical analysis.


Last modified: 1st Feb 2010, 2.28 PM
Author: Dipl.-Medieninf. Jens Voegler