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Lab Course Modeling and Automated Verification Summer Term 2012

This lab course is for students in the master program "Computational Logic". The course language is English.


This lab course gives the students the opportunity to participate in state-of-the-art (both theoretical as well as applied) research projects. Most problems used in this course are closely related to (or a part of) current research projects of our workgroup. See for example: Within these projects problems/tasks arise in different areas, including
  • symbolic methods in model checking
  • explicit model checking techniques
  • reduction techniques
  • (probabilistic) omega-automata
  • numerical solution methods
  • logics
  • specification formalisms
  • abstraction techniques
  • and many more


  • Solid foundations in algorithms and data structures, in automata theory and formal languages, in complexity theory
  • Basic mathematical foundations
  • A successfully completed Model Checking course is beneficial, but not mandatory
  • Programming skills in C/C++

Module: MV

SWS: 0/0/4

Rules for Lab Course

The following rules need to be followed in order to assure a successful participation:


  • There will be an initial event at the end of April 2012, where some different topics will be presented.
  • Every participant will be assigned to one such topic. The aim of the Lab Course is the independent editing and a following presentation of the results. A date for this presentation will be fixed at the initial event for every participant. The presentation needs to be done at the end of Mai / beginning of June 2012.
  • A tutor is assigned to every participant during the initial meeting.
  • The developed code needs to be commented in a proper way and needs to be documented as PDF.
  • The concluding presentation should not exceed 30 minutes.

Awarding of Credit Points

The Credit Points will be awarded when all of the following conditions are fulfilled:
  • Every deadline was kept.
  • The source code is commented and documented properly.
  • The presentation of the own results was in an acceptable way.
  • The presentations of the other participants were attended.


In case of questions and/or problems please contact Sascha Klüppelholz.

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