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Professors and Assistant Professors

Table of Contents

[1. Institute for Applied Computer Science]
[2. Institute for Artificial Intelligence]
[3. Institute for Software- and Multimedia-Technology]
[4. Institute for System Architecture]
[5. Institute for Computer Engineering]
[6. Institute for Theoretical Computer Science]
[7. Co-Memberships of professors from other departments]
[8. Adjunct professors]


1. Institute for Applied Computer Science

Man-Computer Interaction Prof. Dr. Gerhard Weber
Industrial Communications Prof. Dr. Martin Wollschlaeger
Information Management Systems Prof. Dr. Klaus Kabitzsch


2. Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Computer Vision Prof. Dr. Carsten Rother
Computational Logic Prof. Dr. Sebsastian Rudolph
Knowlege Representation and Reasoning Prof. Dr. Steffen Hölldobler
Scientific Computing for Systems Biology Prof. Dr. Ivo F. Sbalzarini
Workgroup Applied Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Doz. Dr. Uwe Petersohn
Senior Professorship Prof. Dr. Horst Reichel


3. Institute for Software- and Multimedia-Technology

Computer Graphics and Visualization Prof. Dr. Stefan Gumhold
Media Design Prof. Dr. Rainer Groh
Multimedia Technology Prof. Dr. Raimund Dachselt
Software Technology Prof. Dr. Uwe Aßmann
Software Engineering of Ubiquitous Systems N.N.
Workgroup Didactics of Computer Science apl. Prof. Dr. Steffen Friedrich
Senior Professorship Multimedia Technology Prof. Dr. Klaus Meißner


4. Institute for System Architecture

Operating Systems Prof. Dr. Hermann Härtig
Databases Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lehner
Privacy and Security Prof. Dr. Thorsten Strufe
Computer Networks Prof. Dr. Alexander Schill
Systems Engineering (Heinz-Nixdorf-Endowment) Prof. Dr. Cristof Fetzer
Workgroup Computer Science in Developing Countries PD Dr. Horst Lazarek


5. Institute for Computer Engineering

Compiler Construction Prof. Dr. Jerónimo Castrillón-Mazo
Embedded Systems Mrs. Prof. Dr. Silvia Santini
Processor Design Prof. Dr. Akash Kumar
Computer Architecture Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Nagel
VLSI Design, Testability and Architecture Prof. Dr. Rainer Spallek


6. Institute for Theoretical Computer Science

Algebraic and Logical Foundations of Computer Science Mrs. Prof. Dr. Christel Baier
Automata Theory Prof. Dr. Franz Baader
Foundations of Programming Prof. Dr. Heiko Vogler
Knowledge-Based Systems Prof. Dr. Markus Krötzsch


7. Co-Memberships of professors from other departments

Biotechnology Center TU Dresden Prof. Dr. Michael Schroeder
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerhard Fettweis
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Lehnert
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Prof. Dr. Ulrike Baumann
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Prof. Dr. Bernhard Ganter
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Prof. Dr. Ralph Stelzer
Faculty of Business Management and Economics Prof. Dr. Susanne Strahringer


8. Adjunct professors

Adjunct professor for Automotive Software Engineering Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Bernhard Hohlfeld
Adjunct professor for Computational Molecular Biology Prof. Eugene W. Myers, Ph.D.
Adjunct professor for Enterprise Software Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Uwe Kubach
Adjunct professor for Software Architecture of Complex Systems Prof. Dr. Frank J. Furrer
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