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Main and Advanced Studies Program "Architecture of Distributed Systems"

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[Main Studies ("Hauptstudium") Remarks]
[Advanced Studies with Focus on Operating Systems]


Main Studies ("Hauptstudium") Remarks

"Architecture of Distributed Systems" teaches foundations, methods and tools for the systematic construction of reliable, performant and distributed computing systems. The wealth of course choices stems from two advantages of the computer science education in Dresden:

  • Basic courses in operating systems, databases and computer networks have laid the foundations early in the studies.
  • The faculty features various research activities in the area, which are successful even on an international scale. Topics range from the construction of smallest system kernels over multimedia databases, multilaterally secure e-commerce solutions using advanced cryptographic techniques to complex multimedia application systems.

Slides presenting the main studies program (in German)

Instead of rigid regulation, we as the responsible professors want to grant you the greatest possible freedom. This means you have to do just that:

  • Find a professor by whom you want to be guided through the studies.
  • Discuss with him the combination of courses you plan to attend and be examined in.

Usually, the main and advanced studies will not be limited to the courses from the group of one professor, but contain a combination of offerings from different groups. This may even include courses from professors of other study programs if they are related to our area. Whether the exam will be conducted by one or more professor is one of the subjects to be discussed with your professor.


Advanced Studies with Focus on Operating Systems

The advanced studies allow students to delve deeper into one research area in close cooperation with their professor. This does not necessarily require all attended courses to be held by that professor. For main and advanced studies, courses from other groups can be added. A possible combination would be:

  • Application Support for Computer Networks
  • Transaction Systems
  • Data Security
However, it is important to consult with Professor Härtig as the reponsible professor beforehand.

Students, who want to complement their advanced studies by passing their "Beleg" or Diploma Thesis in the area of operating systems, are strongly advised to regularly attend the "EZAG" Colloquium and use this opportunity to give their "Hauptseminar" presentation there.

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