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Distributed Operating Systems

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Due to the forthcoming retirement of Prof. Härtig, availability of exam appointments will be limited after the summer exam period.


The Distributed Operating Systems lecture continues and consolidates the topics of the basic course Operating Systems and Security. It is particularly focused on presenting a balanced combination of distributed systems in-use as well as research projects and their underlying construction principles.

The lecture will cover the following aspects:
  • Scalability and Fault Tolerance
  • Memory Consistency and Synchronization in Parallel Systems
  • Security in Distributed Systems and Trusted Computing
On July 1 2019, we will have a double lecture, which will start at 9:40am in APB 3105. We move to E08 after a break at 11:10am.


Slides will be published here shortly before the lectures.

  1. Scalability and DNS
  2. Parallel Systems Software: High Performance Computing, Additional slides (MPI), Additional literature: Paper 1, Paper 2
  3. Distributed File Systems
  4. Trusted Computing
  5. Architecture-level security vulnerabilities
  6. Sandboxing
  7. Synchronisation in Parallel Systems
  8. Cache Coherence and Memory Consistency
  9. Advanced Synchronization Primitives (Slides, Video)
  10. Modeling and Fault Tolerance


Exercises will be published here about a week before the tutorials.

  1. Domain Name System (April 9 2019)
  2. Distributed File Systems (May 6, 2019, 9:30, APB 3105)
  3. Security (May 13 2019, 2019, 9:30, APB 3105)
  4. Buffer Overflows (May 27 2018, 2019, 9:30, APB 3105)
  5. Memory Consistency, Cache Coherency and Locks (June 24, 2019, 11:10, APB E08)
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  • ModuleModules: INF-BI-1, INF-BAS4, INF-VERT4, DSE-E3
  • Credits6 Credit Points
  • 2/1/0 = 3 SWS
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