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Complex Lab Microkernel-Based Operating Systems

The Complex Lab will not be offered after the winter semester 2018/19. Please consider this when planning your studies.



The goal of this practical course is to apply the principles of constructing a microkernel-based operating system. The task, a pong-game for two players, is based on the Fiasco mikrokernel developed here at the TU Dresden. During this lab, we will develop various servers required for this.

Starting point is a Pong-Server already providing the game ground, a ball and the paddles in a demo mode. Clients that allow us to control the paddles from a keyboard have to be developed. For these clients to work, a set of servers has to be implemented, including:

  • memory management server
  • keyboard driver
  • graphical console

The course Microkernel-Based Operating Systems teaches the theoretical foundation to understand the principles used in this practical course. It is therefore recommended to attend this lecture. As a preparatory course we offer the Complex Lab on Systems Programming.

Starting Tuesday, 8 January 2019, the complex lab discussions take place (after the lecture) at 4.40 PM in room APB E001.


  1. Introduction
  2. Sessions, Dynamic Memory Management, Debugging


  • During the semester we will have regular consultations to discuss the solutions to the individual steps.
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Author: Dr.-Ing. Carsten Weinhold

Martin K├╝ttler

  • ModuleModules: INF-MA-PR, DSE
  • 0/0/4 = 4 SWS
Time and Place
  • Seminar, in even-numbered weeks
    TimeTue, 4.40 PM PlaceAPB E001
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