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The main goal of the Proseminar is to learn giving a good presentation. This means we emphasize on the preparation, the composition of the slides and the structure and execution of the talk. A detailed review of the presentation will follow the talk. Dealing with questions will be exercised as well.

The topic of the Proseminar is secondary, but still interesting: One of the following aspects should be elaborated on in the context of a current operating system.

Process Management
CPU Virtualization, Process Concept, Process Synchronization and Communication, Scheduling, Object Model
Memory Management
Hardware Foundation, Logical Address Spaces, Physical Addressing, Virtual Memory
Device Control
Device Drivers, Device Management, I/O Procedures
File Management
External Storage Organisation, File Organisation, File Systems
Security Concepts
If demanded, additional topics can be accepted. We are open for topics (e.g. special operating systems) suggested by the participants.

The talk can be given in German or English language at the discretion of the student.

Please note that
  • a draft of the slides has to be shown to the tutor at latest one week before the day of the presentation.
  • you have to write a 2 to 3 pages report about the topic. This must be handed in at latest on the day of the presentation.
Both are required to receive a certificate ("schein").


  • Due to the limited number of only 20 participants for this course, students are required to enroll on a registration list available in the chair's office (APB 3103, open Mo-Fr 9.00 AM to 3.00 PM).
  • On the first appointment, the topics are handed out and detailed advice on the presentation and the slides is given as well as the organization discussed. Participation on this first appointment is strictly mandatory.
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