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Finished Reference Project


CORMORANT - Corporate Mobility Portal - Adaptive Access to Intranet and Backend Services


One of today?s visions in mobile computing is ubiquitous information access. Information (e.g. email, fax and web pages) should be available anywhere at any time. During the last years the market brought up a big variety of mobile devices and wire-less communication systems with differing functionality and quality of service. This development results in an increasing amount of wireless subscribers and the desire to access information and services provided by the internet and other sources. Unfortunately most of the currently available applications and services expect high bandwidth connections and well equipped client devices. WAP is one approach to overcome this problem but focuses on the characteristics of mobile phones and does not scale to the capabilities of for instance a notebook. There is no overall solution with respect to the heterogeneity of available devices, wireless networks and consumer needs. Especially the application area traffic telematics requires flexible, adaptable solutions for the seamless delivery of most actual information to drivers and passengers, but on the other hand it imposes various difficulties for the system designer due to the inherent dynamics of this application domain (moving speed, various extend of the areas a service has to be available, a huge number of users with a varying spread across the service areas, etc.). For a seamless integration of arbitrary mobile devices and different communication systems information has to be adapted to the capabilities of these resources (memory, display, data rate, delay). Moreover users change between devices (e.g. from PC to PDA) but want to access and handle the same information. This requires a Mobility Portal which can react very flexibly to changes in the users environment (e.g. changing client devices or network connections) and adapt to new devices, changing user requirements and individual user needs, which is described by the term situation awareness. The proposed project deals with the investigation and realization of mechanisms for a flexible service portal complying with the mentioned requirements.

Project leader:

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Dr. h. c. Alexander Schill

Project staff:

Dipl.-Inf. Thomas Hamann

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