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Computer Networks

Finished Reference Project


Development and Implementation of Device-independent and multimodal Applications

  • Multimodal
  • geräteunabhängig
  • mobile
  • Adaption


The use of different modalities for interacting with applications is supposed to improve usability and to open up new application areas. For this purpose, traditional input and output devices like keyboard, mouse and screen are supplemented or replaced by speech and gestures. To realize this vision in the future, the following major objectives will be addressed by the project in cooperation with the SAP Research Group Dresden:

  1. Development of a description language for device-independent and multimodal user interfaces
  2. Development of an authoring environment for the description language
  3. Development of an Adaptation Engine to adapt the description language to different devices
The description language will be designed to be usable in a broad range of mobile, multimodal applications based on existing and evolving cellular phone networks as well as the mobile and ubiquitous internet. This application environment is characterized by the heterogeneity of devices and networks. The target platform will consist of a combination of PDA, head set, augmented reality display and digital camera, or a subset of these devices. Meta-information must be included in the description language to support its automatic adaptation to different devices and modalities. Finding an appropriate abstraction level is a major challenge in the definition of the description language. It must allow both a modality independent specification and a good usability on different devices.

Together with the description language we will conceive and implement an authoring environment and a runtime platform that supports adapting specified user interfaces to different devices and different interaction modalities.

Project leader:

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Springer

Project staff:

Dr.-Ing. Steffen Göbel
Dipl.-Inf. Kay Kadner

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