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Computer Networks

Finished Reference Project


BIB3R (Berlins Beyond-3G Testbed and Serviceware Framework for Advanced Mobile Solutions)

  • Mobile Computing
  • Beyond 3G Networks
  • GPRS
  • UMTS


The world of mobile communication is developing rapidly. More and more network access technologies are gaining importance, with intensive attempts to integrate them transparently to the end-user. Next Generation Networks or B3G Networks and 4G of networks will be very heterogeneous and highly complex. A number of different network access technologies will co-exist, e.g. GPRS, UMTS, WLAN and WiMax to be used by the same services and the same user. Conventional telephone networks (PSTN) and IP-based networks converge and it must take place seamlessly. The future will be an "all-IP" - based heterogeneous network infrastructure, which will be used with a wide range of different terminals with different characteristics.

From the provider viewpoint, this constant integration of new access technologies and the management of these complex environments mean a substantial investment demand in order to introduce new solution trends within this scope. AAA, Mobility management and QoS are essentially required features for next generation mobile services. In order to meet the arising costs and also to guarantee growth in the telecom world, new ideas and services are necessary. They have to be designed in such a way that the users to be willing to pay for. The users expect profitable services, which can be used simply and everywhere with many types of terminals. For the development of these services of the next generation, tools and procedural models are needed which support the developer in all phases of the service development and deployment. A crucial goal is to shorten the "time to market" and to keep shortening the life cycle of mobile services. In the R&D project BIB3R, promoted by the BMBF, partners from industry and research, work on the necessary solutions for this future world of heterogeneous networks and mobile services.

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Project leader:

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Springer

Project staff:

Dipl.-Inf. Kay Kadner
Dr.-Ing. Sabine Kühn

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