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Finished Reference Project


Content Conferencing - Content-aware Protocols and Methods for Collaborative IP Conferencing

  • Content Conferencing
  • Konferenzsysteme
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The research project Content Conferencing addresses issues related to systems for synchronous collaboration. Recent solutions in the field of synchronous collaboration merely expect different collaborative tools that only need a common reliable multipoint transport.

But the application scenario of joint viewing with multimedia content like presentation slides, websites, or documents has more spanning requirements like propagation, localization, efficient delivery, and reuse of oblivious multimedia content. These issues are not yet addressed sufficiently by recent systems for synchronous collaboration.

The Content Conferencing project tries to examine requirements, protocols, and efficient methods for content-aware collaborative IP conferencing, especially efficient delivery of multimedia content. We investigate how content networking techniques can be applied to the domain of IP conferencing. The basis for this work are a data conferencing infrastructure and an implementation of a system for presentation sharing that was built through a series of preceding student projects.

Project leader:

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Dr. h. c. Alexander Schill

Project staff:

Dr.-Ing. Daniel Schuster

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