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Computer Networks

Finished Reference Project


Conception and Modeling of a universal Teleworking Environment based on a Service-Oriented Architecture

  • Telework
  • SOA
  • Web Services


Teleworking is the key to a more flexible design of working time and places of work. To reach the flexibility for working anywhere and anytime a virtual working environment is needed which is reached from any place having a browser and internet access, at home, on the road or in the office. The goal of our activities is to develop a set of technologies fitting in the web architecture in order to bring teleworking applications to their full potential. Our new concept is to combine different web services in a new integrated man-machine environment that enables access to all necessary services. So it will be easier for the teleworker to handle the different applications and techniques. The teleworking portal provides them access to various resources: office applications, multimedia objects and documents, communication tools such as email and conferences, collaboration and group work systems or educational software and training tools. In order to promote interoperability and extensibility among these applications, as well as to allow them to be combined to perform more complex operations, a standard reference architecture for such services is needed. Consequently our approach is based on the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and the web service technology.

Project leader:

Dr.-Ing. Iris Braun

Recent publications:

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