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Computer Networks

Finished Reference Project


Cooperative Self-Protecting Mobile Devices

  • Sicherheit
  • mobile Endgeräte
  • Kooperativ


Security remains a major topic in today's networks. Especially in the mobile area there are many security issues that have not yet been satisfactorily addressed, let alone been solved. Most of the security mechanisms and techniques used in wired networks tend to rely upon a fixed network topology. For example, firewalls and intrusion detection systems are placed at central points of a network. They are configured with a model of the network's structure to control and analyse the data flows transfered for harmful content. If at all, adopting these measures for the mobile world is not easy due to its dynamically changing environments and the mobile devices resource constraints that do not allow demanding analyse tasks.

The project tackles this problem by developing a cooperating and self-protecting mobile device. Our approach is based on the assumption that a mobile network can be secured by protecting all participating devices. For this purpose we are developing a Security Incident Recognition (SIR) engine based on a specialized host based intrusion detection system. As each device has its own local view of the network we are developing a strategy to combine several trusted devices together into a cooperating group sharing their resources. This will hopefully make each view as precise as possible and avoid serious performance bottlenecks on a single device. Together with the SIR this strategy is integrated into a Reaction Manager that is controlled by an adaptive user interface enabling even an average user to use the whole system without problems.

Project leader:

Dr.-Ing. Stephan Groß

Project staff:

Dr.-Ing. Stephan Groß

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