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Computer Networks

Finished Reference Project


Model-based Approach for Adaptable Components

  • Komponenten
  • modell-basiert
  • Adaption


The use of software components simplifies and increases the development of complex applications and systems. However, existing component models offers only limited support for adapting components to changing environment conditions both in a single and in different applications.
By means of the concept of composite components, different adaptation mechanisms and internal configurations of subcomponents can be encapsulated. The mapping of component parameters to these internal configurations of a composite component increases adaptability without complicating application development. The concepts of this approach can be transferred to existing component platforms like EJB or JavaBeans and can consequently be integrated in existing applications.

Project leader:

Dr.-Ing. Steffen Göbel

Recent publications:

    1. Ulrich Dinger:
    Integrierte und hybride Konstruktion von Software-Produktlinien;
    TU Dresden; 2009

    2. Steffen Göbel:
    Ein modellbasierter Ansatz für adaptierbare und selbstadaptive Komponenten;
    TU Dresden; 2006

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