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Staff of Chair Computer Networks

Dr.-Ing.  Josef Spillner
Dr.-Ing. Josef Spillner

Dr.-Ing. Josef Spillner is a scientific assistant at chair Computer Networks at Dresden University of Technology.

chat> xmpp:josef.spillner@jabber.org
voip> sip:josef.spillner@ekiga.net
µblog> http://identi.ca/josefspillner

Open Source Service Platform Research initiative @ serviceplatform.org
NubiSave optimal cloud storage controller @ nubisave.org
Servomat/Crowdserving - studentische und global-experimentelle Web Service Communities @ servomat.inf.tu-dresden.de und crowdserving.com

Vollständiger wissenschaftlicher Lebenslauf: http://lattes.cnpq.br/9320779880789292


Office: Nöthnitzer Str. 46
room INF 3085
01187 Dresden (Südvorstadt-West)
Phone: +49 351-463-3 83 80
Website: blog.serviceplatform.org/
E-Mail: josefmussspillnermusstu-dresdenmussde

Research Projects


  • Josef Spillner and Andrii Chaichenko and Andrey Brito and Francisco Brasileiro and Alexander Schill:
    Cloud Resource Recycling: An Addition of Species to the Zoo of Virtualised, Overlaid, Federated, Multiplexed and Nested Clouds;
    SDPS Transactions: Journal of Integrated Design and Process Science (JIDPS); 18/1; 5-19; 4/2014

  • Josef Spillner and Alexander Schill:
    Algorithms for Dispersed Processing;
    1st International Workshop on Advances in Cloud Computing Legislation, Accountability, Security and Privacy (CLASP); London, UK; 12/2014

  • Sebastian Götz and Thomas Ilsche and Jorge Cardoso and Josef Spillner and Uwe Aßmann and Wolfgang Nagel and Alexander Schill:
    Energy-Efficient Data Processing at Sweet Spot Frequencies;
    154-171; LNCS 8842; International Conference on Cloud and Trusted Computing (OnTheMove C&TC); Amantea, Italy; 10/2014

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thesis supervision

  • Mina Ahmadi (Beleg):
    Contract Management in a Data Source Dashboard
  • Frehiwot Melak Arega (Beleg):
    Programming Techniques for Adaptive Cloud Applications
  • Volodymyr Bondarenko (Master):
    Concept and Implementation of Flexible Integration of Data from Heterogeneous Data Sources
  • Anar Gahramanov (Master):
    Advanced Algorithms for Dispersed Data Analysis
  • Alok Gupta (Master):
    Disaster Recovery in Complex Distributed Storage Pools
  • Sharmin Khaleque (Beleg):
    Mobile Integration of a Cloud Storage Controller
  • Florian Kleeblatt (Bachelor):
    Datenqualitätsadaption in verteilten Umgebungen
  • Jiaxuan Li (Master):
    Data Stream Management with Service Multilevel Agreements
  • Olga Prykhodko (Master):
    Pro-active Autoscaling of Infrastructure Resources for Real-Time Communication Applications
  • Maximilian Quellmalz (Diplom):
    Situationsoptimale Datenspeicherung in einem kontextsensitiven Speicherkontroller
  • Sebastian Tilsch (Beleg):
    Entwurfs- und Architekturüberarbeitung der Cloud-Dateiverwaltungslösung NubiVis
  • Sainan Yang (Master):
    Dispersed Event Processing Engine
  • Oleksandr Zhdanenko (Master):
    Data Tapping Service Platform
  • Nannan Zhou (Master):
    Autoscaling of PaaS Applications

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