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Drops IDL Compiler

Welcome to the DICE project homepage!

Goal of the DICE project is to build an IDL compiler, which can translate an interface definition of a component into communication code for L4 micro-kernels. These components (or servers if you like) run on top of the L4 micro-kernel and shall build the Dresden Real-Time Operating System (DROPS) - that's where DICE is derived from: Dresden IDL Compiler. It currently supports two IDL languages (DCE and CORBA IDL) and generates communication code for L4 versions L4.Fiasco and V2.

Version 3.3.0 is out. It is available for download. See the download page.


  • supports CORBA IDL and DCE IDL
  • generates code for Fiasco and Linux Sockets
  • generates C or C++ code
  • supports L4.Fiasco API on Arm, AMD64 and x86
  • generated stubs partially contain optimized inline assembler.
  • include your C/C++ files to use your C/C++ types in the IDL
  • can generate message passing stubs
  • many more features (see dice -h)
Stand: 1.2.2010, 14:32 Uhr
Autor: Dipl.-Inf. Ronald Aigner