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Complex Lab Systems Programming

This website is obsolete. Please visit our new website for up-to-date information about all classes at the Chair of Operating Systems.
The Complex Lab will not be offered anymore. Please consider this when planning your studies.


The course consists of two parts: a workshop taking place before the beginning of the winter term and a practical part where students individually work on four assignments.

Systems Programming Workshop

This workshop teaches advanced skills in programming on the system level. Attendance is especially advised for students wanting to brush up their programming skills before taking one of the following courses:

This is not a programming course for beginners. We want to teach you advanced skills and thus will expect the following:

  • You have programming experience, for example in Java.
  • You know how to work on a Linux command line.
  • You can read a manpage.
  • You can work with a text editor.
  • You can use Google.

If you say yes to all of these points, this course is for you. The training enhances your C++ programming skills in the areas

  • compiler and tool chain
  • building a library
  • pointers and references
  • multi-threading
  • POSIX and system calls
  • templates

Practical Part

The following four assignments can be solved individually at home. Each assignment has an associated tutor, whom you can ask questions and send your solution by mail.

Automation with makeCarsten Weinhold
The Unix FilesystemCarsten Weinhold
A Simple ShellMartin Küttler
Debugging with GDBJan Bierbaum


  1. Getting Started with the Tools
  2. C++ Introduction
  3. Debugging
  4. Advanced C++
  5. Assembler
  6. Threads & Synchronisation
  7. Living without a Runtime

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  • The workshop takes place before the beginning of the winter term, from September 18th to 27th 2018, excluding September 25th, from 09.30 AM to 3.30 PM each week day in APB E042.
  • There will be a one hour lunch break and additional breaks according to demand and time.
  • Due to the limited number of 30 participants, students are required to enroll on a registration list. You can enroll weekdays in room APB 3103 (9AM till 1PM).
  • If less than 10 students enroll, the course will unfortunately be canceled.
  • The practical assignments are meant to be solved individually after the workshop concludes. Solutions are handed in with the respective tutor.
  • Students of the pre-2010 diploma programme can take the practical part separately as an accompanying lab.
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