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Accessible Interaction for Visually Impaired People

Call for Papers for "Mensch und Computer 2015 " .Further information can be found on Accessible Interaction for Visually Impaired People

TU Dresden

Demonstration at OUTPUT

Demonstration obstacle detection with ToF camera and a tactile belt by Project Range-IT at OUTPUT


DSAI - 2015

Call for Papers at DSAI 2015 has been opened. More informationen at http://www.dsai.ws/2015/



Teilnahme am Symposium „ Barrierfree Access to Digital Information “ , 11.Februar 2015

Uni Hamburg

Workshop Uni Hamburg

Teilnahme am 2. Workshop „ Erstellung barrierefreier Dokumente fC

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Diversity Tage

Diversity Tage der TU Dresden: 9.-13.November 2015



Demonstration Hinderniserkennung mit ToF Kamera und Gürtel im Projekt Range-IT bei SightCity 20-22.Mai 2015


AG SBS bei Ringvorlesung

AG SBS at lecture series for Inklusion at University on 21 May 2015. For more Information visit Uni Halle Diversity

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Öffentlicher Vortrag im Promotionsverfahren von Dipl. Medieninf. Denise Prescher zum Thema „ Taktile Interaktion auf flächigen Brailledisplays„ (Statusvortrag)
Zeit: 12.03.2015, 09:30 Uhr
Ort: APB 1096

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Öffentliche Verteidigung der Dissertation zum Thema : "Blindenspezifische Methoden für das User-Centred Design multimodaler Anwendungen"

Zeit: 14:00 Uhr, 09.10.2014
Ort: INF 1004

Interactive Tabletops and Surfaces - 2014

Call for Papers for our Workshop at ACM ITS 2014 on "Tactile/Haptic User Interfaces for Tabletops and Tablets" has been opened. More informationen at http://www.tactileui.org/


Long Night of Science - 4th of July 2014

The project Tangram participates at the Long Night of Science.


Range-IT at OUTPUT

The project Range-IT (range-it.eu) shows a tactile belt on OUTPUT.

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Deutschlandfunk: Computer scientists develops electronic maps for Blind

For research in navigation has been reported in Germany radio Maps for Blind(german language) and a feature broadcast, Wire into the dark World

Accessible E-Learning

Accessible E-Learning

Online Presentation on "Accessible E-Learning? On the state of the art" 

Conference Human and Computer

Conference Human and Computer ("Mensch und Computer")

Looking for contributions for the Human and Computer Conference ("Mensch und Computer") 

International Symposium on Real-time Natural User Interface and Natural User eXperience
Looking for contributions to the International Symposium on Real-time Natural User Interface and Natural User eXperience (RN2 2014), Zhangjiajie, China, May 28-31, 2014 (more infos http://www.ftrai.org/RNN2014).
Tangram: Survey started

Tangram: Survey started

Survey for the implementation of graphics for visually impaired users in the Tangram project started 



EU project Range-IT starts 1st of November 2013  


Acquisition of Spatial Environmental Information from Tactile Displays

PhD defence by M. Sc. Limin Zeng (Institut für Angewandte Informatik, Professur Mensch-Computer Interaktion): 27th Nov 2013, 2.15 PM, INF 1004 (Ratssaal)

  • Participation of MCI at the day of action of the Deutschen Hygienemuseums on 10th of November 2013 
  • GeNeMe Conference at the faculty of computer science from 7th to 8th of October 2013 
  • Participation of MCI at the day of action of the Deutschen Hygienemuseums on 26th of may 2013
  • Call for Participation for "Gesture Interactions and Interfaces", more information
  • Presentation about "Tactile UML Diagrams on the HyperBraille Display" on the 3rd of august on the VBS congress 2012 in Chemnitz and on the 11th july at the ICCHP
  • Talk about the first results in the project MOBILITY (www.mobility-projekt.de) at the ICCHP
  • Rrorector Lenz visit the Working group for blind and visual impaired student on the 2nd of may
  • The next university day is on 9th of june 2012, more information at Unitag an der TU Dresden
  • ACM SIGACCESS ASSETS Award for Outstanding Contributions to Computing and Accessibility is posted
  • Project eScience (eScience Network) starts at the 1st april 2012
  • Participation of MCI at the day of action of the Deutschen Hygienemuseums on 18th of october 2012
  • Participation in the innovation forum Technische Visualistik. Claudia Loitsch moderated a creative workshop on the topic: visualization of haptic interaction
  • Prof. Dr. G. Weber presents the project Hyperbraille at the World Congress Braille21, more information you find under http://w
  • More than 10 blind and visual impaired students began their studies in this winter term. The AG SBS wish them much success.
  • Matthias Huster, Marcus Aschenbrenner and Tobias Engelmann started their work to HAPTICOM by the financial support of EXIST (www.hapticom.de)
  • Prof. PhD Helen Petrie and Prof. Dr. Gerhard organize a workshop at the Interact 2011 in Portugal, more information you find under Interact2011. The proceedings of the work Workshops Accessible Design are published, Proceedings of the Workshop on Accessible Design in the Digital World 2011.
  • Computer science teachers visit the work spaces for blind and visual impaired students on 19 may 2011.
  • Elisa Hilprecht presents her assigment "Conception and development of a tactile representation for UML-diagrams" at OUTPUT 2011,
    more information at Non-visual Exploration of UML Diagrams
  • The project "Analysis, Enhancement and Sustainability of accessibility of the Saxony Learningplatform OPAL" begins on 1 April 2011.
  • The project Hyperbraille, financed by the Federal Ministery of Economics and Technology, ended on 31 April 2011.
    In 4 years of development and testing with more than 50 blind subjects various prototypes and publications were originated.
  • The next university day is on 21 of May 2011, more information at Unitag an der TU Dresden
  • Prof. Weber is Keynote Speaker "Maintaining an Overview Through Your Fingers" at the ICCHP (more information")
  • ACM SIGACCESS Award for Outstanding Contributions and Accessibility will be awarded again (more information about ACM SIGACCESS Award and about the Call for Nominations)
  • Participation and organisation of the session "Designing Haptic Interaction for a Collaborative World" at ICCHP , Vienna (website of ICCHP
  • Wolfram Eberius and his DAISY Web Player (http://daisy.dynamic-designer.de) won the AKEP Junior Award 2009
  • several new student projects are now offered within the research project HyperBraille (see available topics)
  • Post-exam review for EMI takes place in room 1063 at the 5th of may 2010 at 3 pm.
  • chair offers job for a research assistant (from 1st of April)
  • participation and organization of „Tactile Interaction“ session at HCI International Conference (www.hcii2009.org)
  • Presentation on Human-Computer Interaction at OUTPUT 2008
  • information for visual impaired people having study interest
  • At 30th July 2008 the re-examination of EMI takes place in HSZ 04 at 1pm (detailed information).
  • ISO/TC159/SC4/WG10 (Braille labels) holds their meeting 27.-29.October as well as ISO/TC159/SC4/9 (9241-9xx - Tactile Interaction) 29.-31.October 2008
  • since December 4th 2008 Limin Zeng of Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics (http://nuaa.edu.cn) is working as postgraduate student at HCI chair
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