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Computational Logic

Integrated Logic Systems - Part I

Course Description

Prof. Schroeder, Dr. Paschke, Prof. Thielscher, Mr. Voigt

The course meets the demand for practice-oriented subjects in the curriculum. By means of selected examples it will give an insight to various issues of how logic can be used in real world applications. The course breaks down into two parts:

  1. Students will be introduced to the concept of Warren's abstract machine (known as the WAM) as the most widely used basis for implementing Prolog systems.
  2. Students will learn how link rules and reasoning with the web, databases, and distributed computing. Students will be introduced to the ideas underlying the semantic web including formats such as ontologies, XML, RDF, OWL. All techniques will be motivated with examples from bioinformatics, which provides a rich set of online data sources and problems amenable to semantic web technologies.

Time Table (only concerning Part I - WAM)

  • Tuesdays - 06.05., 27.05., 10.06., 24.06., 08.07.:
    • 2.DS Exercise (E 005)
  • Wednesdays - 21.05., 04.06., 18.06., 02.07.:
    • 4.DS Lecture (E 005)


During the Open House or by appointment.

Details about the repeated Examination

  • written exam on 18th of February 2009 from 10.00 to 12.00 am in room INF E005
  • On the 5th of March between 1 pm and 2 pm you can have a look at your examination result in room 2004.

Details about the Examination

  • written exam on 30th of July from 3.00 to 5.00 pm in room INF E008/E009/E010
  • concerning Part I (Prof. Thielscher): except electronic equipment all materials can be used during the examination

Handouts and Slides


Date of exercise Handed out Exercise sheet
22.04.08 16.04.08 Exercise 1
06.05.08 05.05.08 Exercise 2
27.05.08 21.05.08 Exercise 3
10.06.08 04.06.08 Exercise 4
24.06.08 18.06.08 Exercise 5
08.07.08 02.07.08 Exercise 6



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