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Computational Logic

AI Game Playing Seminar

Course Description

Prof. Thielscher, Stephan Schiffel

Each participant chooses a specific topic on Game Playing and AI. They are then requested to become acquainted with the topic by reading the relevant literature. At the end of the lecturing period, the participants present their topic in a scientific talk (20 to 25 minutes + 5 to 10 minutes discussion). They are also required to write a paper on the selected topic (~10 pages in length), which conforms to the standards of scientific writing. Talks can be held in english or german.

Time Table

22.07.2008, 10.30am to 3pm, room E007


During the Open House or by appointment.


General Techniques

Topic Student
Endgame databases Md. Abu Naser Masud
Reinforcement Learning for Game Playing Eva Wagner
Monte-Carlo Game Tree Search Christoph Spallek
Opponent Modelling M. Fareed Arif

Specific Types of Games

Bayesian Games Anees Mehdi

Specific Games

Computer Kriegspiel Jakob Hasse
Computer Poker Jan-Henrik Moß
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