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Computational Logic

Grundlagen der Constraint-Programmierung

Winter Term 2009/2010

Course Description

Prof. Michael Thielscher, Mr. Sebastian Voigt

See the official Course Summary page for more details.

Time Table

  • Wednesdays 4. DS (E 005):
    • Lecture: 14.10., 21.10., 4.11., 11.11., 9.12., 6.1., 13.1.
    • Exercise: 28.10., 25.11., 2.12., 16.12., 20.1., 27.1., 3.2. (lab presentation)


During the Open House or by appointment.

Details about the Examination

The written exam takes place the 22nd of February at 10.00 am in room E 005. For parts FLP and FCP, all written materials are allowed, except electronic devices. Student and personal id cart have to be presented.

The 26th of February between 11 am and 12 am you can have a look at your examination result in room 2004.

Handouts and Slides


Constraint Programming Lab

Select one of the following two tasks: Pallet Loading or Solitaire Battleship. The final program should be submitted no later than January 31st 2010 via email to Sebastian Voigt. You may decide to work in teams of two. The successful completion of the programming task is a prerequisite to participate in the final examination for the course.

The presentation of the programs will take place on Wednesday the 3rd of February at 1 pm in room E 005. Please have a printout of your program with you and be prepared to present the main structure and features of your work. You should talk approximately 5 to 7 minutes. Do not prepare slides or overheads.

Additional References

  • Book "Principles of Constraint Programming" by Krzysztof Apt in the library
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