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DSE Internship

    Allgemeine Informationen:

    Module DSE-Int: Internship

    The DSE internship is an internship which you can conduct in a company. The required effort is 360 hours in order to earn 12 credits.

    After you have successfully applied for an internship position in a company you need to find a supervisor at the university as well. If you consider to ask for a supervision at the computer networks chair, please make sure your internship topic fits one of the topic areas our group covers for teaching or research.

    In order to request supervision from our group please prepare a one page document, attach to your supervision request and send it to the prospective supervisor prior to the official registration and start of your internship. The document should contain the following information:
    - full name and matriculation number
    - company name and location
    - supervisor contact
    - intended duration and working time/hour
    - proposed topic
    - brief task description

    You will be informed about the decision by email. Please note that requests sent after the official start can’t be considered for supervision.

    After completing your internship please request an assessment letter from the company containing the following information:
    - start and end of your internship
    - working hours per day or in total
    - a brief description of your working tasks
    - a brief assessment of your work

    In addition, please prepare an internship report (about 5 - 10 pages) describing your working tasks with the following proposed structure:

    1. Introduction
    * What was the internship about?
    * What was the motivation for your internship task?
    2. Project Overview
    * What system you have worked on?
    * What was the problem you had to solve?
    * What was the task and the goal of your project?
    3. Internship Tasks
    * Which approach have you followed to solve the problem?
    * What tasks have you fulfilled to solve the problem?
    4. Experiences
    * What experiences have you gathered during your internship?
    * What technologies have your learned about/worked with?
    * What new concepts have you learned about?
    5. Conclusion
    * What is the final outcome of your internship?
    * How do you assessment the solution in relation to the initial goals?

    Make sure that your contributions are clearly described in terms of what problems you tackled, how the problems were solved and what results were produced.

    When both documents are submitted and approved, the certificate for your DSE internship can be issued. Please take into account that checking the submitted documents is only done from time to time. Feedback can usually only be expected several weeks after submission.

    Lehrbeauftragter und Institut:

    Dr.-Ing. Thomas Springer, Institut für Systemarchitektur




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