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Computer Networks

Teaching Offer at Chair Computer Networks

Mobile Communication and Mobile Computing


    The written exam will take place on Thursday, February 7th, 2019 at 14:50 h in HSZ03.
    Auxiliary means such as foils, notes or books are not allowed. Electronic devices and other means for communication are also not allowed.

    The written exam is mandatory for:
    - Bachelor Informatik/Medieninformatik (registration via JExam)
    - DSE, Erasmus and other international exchange students (registration via SCIS)
    - Students from other faculties (registration via exam office and registration list at APB 3110, Ms Jarschel)

    Students of Diplom and Master Informatik/Medieninformatik courses can register for oral exams in the following way:
    - Check web page for available dates (Studies/Examinations and Student Theses/Dates of oral examinations)- (https://tu-dresden.de/ing/informatik/sya/professur-fuer-rechnernetze/studium/pruefungen-und-abschlussarbeiten/pruefungen)
    - Register for available time slot in room APB 3110 (Ms Jarschel)
    - Submit documents for the exam office when registering

    Optionally, students of Diplom and Master Informatik/Medieninformatik courses can take the written exam (registration is via registration list at APB 3110, Ms Jarschel).


    D-WW-INF-342..., DSE-14-M2, INF-04-FG AvS, INF-B-510, INF-B-520, INF-B-530, INF-B-540, INF-BAS4, INF-BI-1, INF-SE*-INF-10, INF-VERT4, MINF-04-FG-SAT, WI-BA-, WI-MA-08-01, WI-MA-09-01

    Common Information:

    The lecture gives an introduction into principles, standards and solutions for mobile
    communication and its applications within the area of mobile computing. Based on the
    physical foundations of mobile communication channels, typical standards such as GSM
    (Global System for Mobile Communication) are presented. Techniques for locating mobile
    users and mobile devices also present a major focus area. In the area of application
    support, typical software architectures and services for mobile computing are discussed.
    Examplesof application areas covered are sales support and service engineering. An
    outlook towards high performance communication in mobile networks and related
    applications concludes the lecture.

    Lecturer and Institute:

    Offer of Course:

    Kind of CourseWeekdayTimePeriodRoomReference persons
    LectureThursday-4.DSAPB/E023Prof. Schill

    Course Outline:

    1. Introduction and Principles
    3. UMTS
    4. LTE and beyond
    5. Wireless LAN
    6. Satellite and Broadcast Systems
    7. Mobile Internet Protocols
    8. Web-based Mobile Applications
    9. Mobile Platforms and Middleware
    10. Context and Location Awareness
    11. Mobile Business Apps 1 (Dr. Ameling, SAP AG, Jan 17)
    12. Mobile Business Apps 2 (Dr. Ameling, SAP AG, Jan 24)
    13. Mobile Apps for IoT (Dr. Hennig, ELCO Industrie Automation GmbH, Jan 31)

    Enrollment modalities:

    starts on 1st October 8 a.m. in jExam

    Lectures as streaming videos:

    Reference persons:

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