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  • Reliable Group Communication using Corrected Trees
    Martin Küttler, Maksym Planeta, Jan Bierbaum, Carsten Weinhold, Hermann Härtig, Amnon Barak, Torsten Hoefler
    Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming 2019 (PPoPP 2019), Washington, DC, United States, February 2019
  • High-Resolution Side Channels for Untrusted Operating Systems
    Marcus Hähnel, Weidong Cui, Marcus Peinado
    Proceedings of the 2017 USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC'17), Santa Clara, CA, USA, July 2017
  • Lateral Thinking for Trustworthy Apps
    Hermann Härtig, Michael Roitzsch, Carsten Weinhold, Adam Lackorzynski
    Proceedings of the 37th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS 2017), Atlanta, Georgia, USA, June 2017
  • Towards Automated Configuration of Systems with Non-Functional Constraints
    Linda Leuschner, Martin Küttler, Tobias Stumpf, Christel Baier, Hermann Härtig, Sascha Klüppelholz
    Proceedings of 16th Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems (HotOS XVI), Vancouver, Canada, May 2017
  • RAW 2014: Random Number Generators on FPGAs
    Michael Raitza, Markus Vogt, Christian Hochberger, Thilo Pionteck
    Invited article in: ACM Transactions on Reconfigurable Technology and Systems (TRETS), Volume 9, Issue 2, January 2016
  • FFMK: A Fast and Fault-tolerant Microkernel-based System for Exascale Computing
    Carsten Weinhold, Adam Lackorzynski, Jan Bierbaum, Martin Küttler, Maksym Planeta, Hermann Härtig, Amnon Shiloh, Ely Levy, Tal Ben-Nun, Amnon Barak, Thomas Steinke, Thorsten Schütt, Jan Fajerski, Alexander Reinefeld, Matthias Lieber, and Wolfgang E. Nagel
    SPPEXA Symposium 2016, Garching near Munich, January 2016
  • Overhead of a Decentralized Gossip Algorithm on the Performance of HPC Applications
    Ely Levy, Amnon Barak, Amnon Shiloh, Matthias Lieber, Carsten Weinhold, Hermann Härtig
    Runtime and Operating Systems for Supercomputers (ROSS 2014), Munich, Germany, June 2014
  • Investigating the Limitations of PVF For Realistic Program Vulnerability Assessment
    Björn Döbel, Horst Schirmeier, Michael Engel
    5th Workshop on Design for Reliability (DFR 2013), Berlin, Germany, Januar 2013
  • On the Use of Underspecified Data-Type Semantics for Type Safety in Low-Level Code
    Hendrik Tews, Marcus Völp, Tjark Weber
    7th Conference on Systems Software Verification, Sydney, Australia, November 2012
  • Chiefly Symmetric: Results on the Scalability of Probabilistic Model Checking for Operating-System Code
    Christel Baier, Marcus Daum, Benjamin Engel, Hermann Härtig, Joachim Klein, Sascha Klüppelholz, Steffen Märcker, Hendrik Tews, Marcus Völp
    7th Conference on Systems Software Verification, Sydney, Australia, November 2012
  • L4 technology by TUD:OS
    Hermann Härtig, Michael Roitzsch and Adam Lackorzynski
    ARTIST Summer School Europe 2010, Autrans near Grenoble, France, September 2010
  • The Mathematics of Obscurity: On the Trustworthiness of Open Source
    Hermann Härtig, Claude-Joachim Hamann, Michael Roitzsch
    Proceedings of WEIS 2010 Workshop, Boston, USA, June 2010
  • ATARE: ACPI Tables and Regular Expressions
    Bernhard Kauer
    TU Dresden technical report TUD-FI09-09, Dresden, Germany, August 2009
  • L4 - Virtualization and Beyond
    Hermann Härtig, Michael Roitzsch, Adam Lackorzynski, Björn Döbel, Alexander Böttcher
    Korean Information Science Society Review, December 2008
  • Detecting Low Embedding Rates
    A. Westfeld
    Fabien A. P. Petitcolas (Hrsg.): Information Hiding. 5th International Workshop, IH 2002, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands, October 2002, Revised Papers, p. 324-339, LNCS 2578, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2003 , 2002
  • Unsichtbare Botschaften
    A. Westfeld
    C't Magazin für Computertechnik 9/2001, S. 170-181, September 2001
  • F5 — A Steganographic Algorithm: High Capacity Despite Better Steganalysis
    A. Westfeld
    In: Ira S. Moskowitz (Hrsg.): Information Hiding. 4th International Workshop, IH'01, Pittsburgh, USA, Proceedings, LNCS 2137, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2001 , April 2001
    PDF , slides
  • F5 - Ein steganographischer Algorithmus: Hohe Kapazität trotz verbesserter Angriffe
    A. Westfeld
    In: Dirk Fox, Marit Köhntopp, Andreas Pfitzmann (Hrsg.): Verlässliche IT-Systeme 2001. Sicherheit in komplexen IT-Infrastrukturen, S. 241-255, DuD Fachbeiträge, Vieweg Braunschweig Wiesbaden , 2001
  • Data Dependency in MPEG Audio Frame Decoding Time on a DSP Accelerator
    R. Baumgartl, K. Stuhlemmer, H. Härtig
    Proceedings of ICSPAT'98, Toronto, September 1998
    PS , slides
  • DSPs as flexible Multimedia Accelerators
    R. Baumgartl, H. Härtig
    Proceedings of EDRC'98, Paris, September 1998
    PDF , slides
  • Efficient communication mechanisms for DSP-based multimedia accelerators
    R. Baumgartl, H. Härtig
    Proceedings of ICSPAT'97, San Diego, September 1997
    PS , slides
  • On the Integration of DSP Hardware into a Microkernel-based Operating System
    R. Baumgartl, H. Härtig
    Proceedings of ICSPAT'96, Boston, October 1996
    PS , slides
  • Verwaltung persistenter Daten in einem verteilten objektbasierten Betriebssystem
    M. Schalm
    Wissenschaftliche Beiträge zur Informatik Fak. Informatik, TU Dresden, Heft 2/1995 , February 1995
  • Integration flexibler Hardware (FPGA's)
    J. Wittenberger
    TU Dresden technical report, Dresden, Germany, 1995
  • Grenzwerte der Zuverlässigkeit von Parallel-Serien-Systemen
    Andreas Pfitzmann, Hermann Härtig
    Nett E., Schwärtzel H. (eds) Fehlertolerierende Rechnersysteme, Informatik-Fachberichte, vol 54. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg , March 1982
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