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  • Locks: Picking key methods for a scalable quantitative analysis
    Christel Baier, Marcus Daum, Benjamin Engel, Hermann Härtig, Joachim Klein, Sascha Klüppelholz, Steffen Märcker, Hendrik Tews, Marcus Völp
    Journal of Computer and System Sciences, July 2014
  • Towards Computation With Microchemomechanical Systems
    Andreas Voigt, Rinaldo Greiner, Merle Allerdißen, Andreas Richter, Stephan Henker, Marcus Völp
    International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science, Volume 25, Issue 04, June 2014
  • Formal Memory Models for the Verification of Low-Level Operating-System Code
    Hendrik Tews, Marcus Völp, Tjark Weber
    Journal of Automated Reasoning - Special Issue on Operating System Verification, April 2009
  • Video Quality and System Resources: Scheduling two Opponents
    Michael Roitzsch, Martin Pohlack
    Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, Volume 19, Issue 8, Pages 473-488 , Special issue: Resource-Aware Adaptive Video Streaming, December 2008
  • L4 - Virtualization and Beyond
    Hermann Härtig, Michael Roitzsch, Adam Lackorzynski, Björn Döbel, Alexander Böttcher
    Korean Information Science Society Review, December 2008
  • A Case Study on the Cost and Benefit of Dynamic RPC Marshalling for Low-Level System Components
    Norman Feske
    SIGOPS OSR Special Issue on Secure Small-Kernel Systems, 2007
  • Enforceable Component-Based Realtime Contracts - Supporting Realtime Properties from Software Development to Execution
    Härtig, Zschaler, Pohlack, Aigner, Göbel, Pohl, Röttger
    Realtime Systems Journal. The original publication is available at www.springerlink.com , August 2006
  • Unsichtbare Botschaften
    A. Westfeld
    C't Magazin für Computertechnik 9/2001, S. 170-181, September 2001
  • Prinzessin auf der Erbse - Linux-Portierung auf den Mikrokern
    M. Hohmuth, J. Wolter
    Appeared in iX 1/1997, January 1997
    HTML , Additional information
  • The BirliX Security Architecture
    H. Härtig, O. Kowalski, W. Kühnhauser
    Journal of Computer Security 2, p. 5—21 , 1993
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