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Computational Logic

Grundlagen der Logik-Programmierung

Winter Term 2010/2011

Course Description

Prof. Horst Reichel, Mr. Sebastian Haufe

See the official Course Summary page for more details.

Time Table

  • Tuesays (26.10., 9.11., 23.11., 30.11., 21.12., 18.01., 01.02.):
    • 1. DS Exercise (E 005)
  • Thursdays (start 21.10.):
    • 4. DS Lecture (E 005)


During the Open House or by appointment.

Details about the Examination

The written exam takes place the 14th of February 2011 at 10.00 am in rooms E 005 and E 006. For parts FLP and FCP, all written materials are allowed, except electronic devices. Student and personal id cart have to be presented.

The 22nd of February 2011 between 9 am and 11 am, and between 12 pm and 2 pm you can have a look at your examination results (all parts: FLP, FCP, and LPE) in room 3027. Please reserve a time slot via this link.


Handouts and Slides


Metainterpreter (Gopal Gupta et al.)

  • Install:
  • Run:
    • Create file mymeta/test.pl
    • Start SWI-Prolog from folder mymeta (or set working directory to mymeta)
    • Type query "?- consult('meta/coind/colpp.pl')." (Loads Metainterpreter)
    • Type query "?- prog('test.pl')" (Loads program "test.pl" via Metainterpreter)
    • Metainterpreter query prompt "|:" appears and accepts queries for loaded program "test.pl"
    • Type "|: quit." to exit "test.pl" (Metainterpreter still active)
    • Load new program via prog/1 or quit SWI-prolog via typing "?- halt."

Additional References

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Autor: Dipl.-Inf. Sebastian Haufe