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Information on Admission to Master Programs in Computer Science and Media Computer Science

  • Please check compatibility of courses you have studied match the areas when you classify them. Common mismatches are:
    • Cryptography does not fit with Mathematics;
    • Accounting does not fit with Mathematics;
    • IT- and Media Law does not fit with Theoretical Computer Science;
    • Operations Research does not fit with Theoretical Computer Science.

  • Some courses are suitable for several areas. Obviously they can only be classified once for an area.

  • Please provide module descriptions in German or English language according to ETCS.

  • Please clarify the contents of courses if the course name is not explicit, in order to justify the classification.

  • Assignment of study results to the required areas is not performed by the Admission Board.

  • As obviously contents may be overlapping among different degree programs, we expect provision of additional information if courses from multiple incomplete degree programs are assigned to areas. Such proof may be a table of contents, script, or slides in German or English.

  • Decisions by the Admission Board are binary, in other words application are either accepted or rejected. It is not possible for the Board to request additional study results in order to meet the prerequisites for admission.

  • If you plan to acquire additional credits to meet the admission requirements, this has to be done before applying (such as studying Bachelor Informatik / Medieninformatik at TU Dresden).

  • If your degree program does no identify credits, you can classify study results based on the duration of your studies:
    • 1 contact hour per teaching term (SWS) corresponds to 15 weeks of teaching one hour in one course.
    • For every SWS about 1,5 credits are accepted.
    • Example: 48h teaching per term ≈ 3 SWS ≈ 4,5 credits.
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