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Komplexpraktikum Sicherheitsaspekte in ubiquitären Systemen

Course of studies Master Informatik (INF-MA-PR),
Master Medieninformatik (INF-VMI-1, INF-E-4),
Diplom Informatik (Pr├╝fungsordnung 2004 and older)
Kinds of teaching Practical exercise (Komplexpraktikum)
Temporal imbedding/semester recommended Master's course and main course
Prerequisites Lecture Security and Cryptography I
Courses in the areas of Distributed Systems and Ubiquitous Systems (see course offers at chair for Computer Networks and at chair for Software Engineering of Ubiquitous Systems)
Size in SWS 4 SWS
Form of examination Certificate
Location INF 3105; during the first two weeks: INF 2064
Date Wednesday, 2./3. DS (9:20 - 12:40); during the first two weeks: Friday, 3./4.DS (11:10 - 14:30)



The overall goal of this course is to deepen the knowledge gained during the lectures about security and cryptography, distributed systems, and ubiquitous computing by appliying it to practical scenarios. The students work in small groups of 3-4 participants whereby self-organisation and -coordination should be in the focus of the work. That way, the work in cooperating teams in the context of scientific work will be fostered.

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