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Scientific transfer project "hapticom"

The project hapticom, which is funded externally, develops the world's first "telephone for deaf-blind people". With the help of this innovative device hearing and seeing impaired people are able to communicate in real time - by the tactile sense of their hands, a very intuitive way. In addition, a special computer software enables a barrier-free communication with non-disabled people (e.g., with relatives, authorities and doctors). In this way, the social participation and independence of deaf-blinds may be improved significantly and allows them to regain a high quality of life.

The foundation for the start-up project is Matthias Huster's bachelor thesis "Development of a communication device for deaf-blind people" at the MCI. After completing his studies Mr. Huster decided to found the start-up hapticom. Together with a competent team, he currently devotes himself - with the support of the EXIST-start-up EXIST-start-up grant from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology - to continue the development and finally the pre-launch of hapticom's innovational product.

  • B.A. Media Computer Scientist, Matthias Huster (R&D)
  • MBA, Marcus Aschenbrenner (Management)
  • Master of Computer Science, Tobias Engelmann (R&D)
Last modified: 17th Jan 2012, 11.07 AM
Author: Dipl.-Medieninf. Jens Voegler