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Privacy and Data Security

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Anonymous and unobservable Communications

Course of studies Computer Science (Diploma),
Media Computer Science (Diploma),
Information Systems Engineering (Diploma),
Bachelor Computer Science (INF-B-510, INF-B-520),
Bachelor Media Computer Science (INF-B-530, INF-B-540),
Master/Diploma Computer Science (INF-BAS4, INF-VERT4),
Master Media Computer Science (INF-BI-3)
Kinds of teaching Lectures and exercises integrated dynamically into each other each filling out approximately half of every teaching event. In the exercises not only the contents of the lectures are applied and practiced, but new knowledge discovered by yourself.
Language German
Temporal imbedding/semester recommended 6th semester or later
Prerequisites Basic knowledge of IT-Security / Cryptography, learned for instance through attending the course "Security and Cryptography I" or "Kryptographie und Kryptoanalyse"
Size in SWS Lecture: 2, exercise: 2
Form of the examination oral examination
Creditpoints 6
Location INF/E006 (Tuesday) und INF/E001 (Thursday)
Date Tuesday (E006) and Thursday (E001) -- 5. DS (14:50-16:20)
Mandatory subscription with jExam March, 2012
Mailinglist https://mailman.zih.tu-dresden.de/groups/listinfo/dud-anoncom



This module gives an in-depth introduction into methods and techniques for unobservable and anonymous communications in computer networks. The basic principles will be explained and exemplified. More specific the following schemes will be discussed: Ring Network, Private Message Service, Mixes, DC-Net. Besides anonymity and unobservability on the network layer techniques for anonymity and pseudonymity on the application layer will be explained. The related principles will be illustrated using digital means of payment and value exchange as example.

Teaching material in english language (see here for german language)
Script, Exercises, Exemplary Solutions

Note: The material is currently updated. At the moment it is based on the material of the course "Security & Cryptography II" previously taught by Prof. Andreas Pfitzmann. Here the Chapters 5 and 6 are most important.



List of Terminology: English <--> German

Video recordings of lectures
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