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Vorlesung Computergraphik I WS 12/13


Prof. Dr. Gumhold

Time and Location

lectures: Di 3. DS im Raum SCH/A01
exercise: Mi 5. DS im Raum INF E010
lab: Fr 3.-6. DS im Raum INF E065

consultation for oral exam on 7th of February at 1pm in room INF2106


WS 12/13, 2/2/0
INF-B-510 Vertiefung INF
INF-B-530 Vertiefung MI
INF-B-520 Vertiefung zur Bachelor-Arbeit INF
INF-B-540 Vertiefung zur Bachelor-Arbeit MI
INF-BAS7 Graphische Datenverarbeitung


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content of ECG, C- and C++-skills, analysis and linear algebra

Content and Scripts

  • Grand Tour Through CG ... overview of most important CG areas and recapitulation of basic concepts from ECG (pdf)
  • Shader Programming ... shader programming for illumination, bumps, displacements and simple primitives (pdf)
  • Mesh Processing ... geometry and topology of surfaces, operators on surfaces, processing: smoothing, strips (pdf)
  • Optimization ... mathematical optimization, SVD, plane fitting, MLS surfaces, QEM for mesh simplification, parameterization, mesh editing (pdf)
  • Acceleration Data Structure ... applications, grids, BSP trees, KD trees, bounding volume hierarchies (pdf)
  • Buffer Techniques ... buffers techniques for shadows, deferred shading (pdf)

Oral Exam

  • not specifically discussed: grand tour and pink slides
  • sample question (version 1, version 2, version 3, final version 4) ... reference slide at beginning of question gives entrance point to answer in script
  • consultation on 7th of February at 1pm in room INF2106


  • 09. und 16.10.2012 Grand Tour
  • 23.10.,30.10. und 06.11.2012 Shader programming
  • 13.,20. und 27.11.2012 Mesh Processing
  • 04.,11. und 18.12.2012 Optimization
  • 08. und 15.01.2012 Acceleration Data Structures
  • 22.01.2013 Buffer techniques and the rest
  • 29.01.2013 Cool Stuff

Additional Material

Stand: 6.2.2013, 21:46 Uhr
Autor: Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Mascolus