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Advanced Topics on Weighted Tree Automata im Wintersemester 2013/2014 (nur auf Englisch)

In many areas of Computer Science trees are used to structure data and to represent hierarchical dependencies between parts of data; for instance, the structure of a sentence of a natural language is represented as a tree (parse tree). Hence, it is of general interest to provide algorithms and machines which decide whether trees have certain properties, rank trees by associating a weight with each of them, or transform trees into other trees. Taking up the natural language scenario, it is e.g. important to know the probability that a sentence is well-structured with respect to some grammatical rules, or what the possible translations of a sentence of one language into another language are.

Weighted tree automata are appropriate structures for such algorithms. In this lecture we will introduce their basic definitions and properties on a theoretical level, however keeping the application to natural language processing in mind.


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The tutorial's time might not suffice for presenting all solutions. Please prepare to ask for the solutions you are most interested in.
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