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Computational Logic

Lehrangebot im WS 2013-14

Winter term 2013-14

There is a welcome meeting for the ICCL students on Monday October 14, 2013 at 9.20am - 12.40pm in room E005.
We make an initial meeting for the Project Group on Monday 14.10.2013, 13:00-14:30 (DS 4) in room INF E005 where the possible topics will be presented.

Course Lecturer SWS (l/t/s)
Existential Rules Michaël Thomazo 2/2/0
Foundations of Constraint Programming Prof. Sebastian Rudolph 1/1/0
Foundations of Logic Programming Prof. Sebastian Rudolph 2/1/0
Introduction to Formal Concept Analysis Prof. Sebastian Rudolph 2/2/0
Project Group Computational Logic Prof. Sebastian Rudolph 0/0/4
Seminar Abstract Argumentation Dr. Sarah Alice Gaggl 0/2/0
Stand: 4.10.2013, 10:28 Uhr
Autor: Dr. Sarah Gaggl

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