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Konstruktion und Verifikation Cyberphysischer Systeme

New time and place: Lecture is 13:00 - 14:30 in APB 3080.


Cyber-physical systems are physical and engineered systems monitored, coordinated and controlled by networked computational resources. Often, cyber-physical systems such as autonomous cars, surgical robots and trains operate with or in close proximity to humans; thus, safety is key.

In this lecture, we give an introduction into the major topics that are for constructing and assuring correct behavior of cyber-physical systems. We allude to mathematical models of physical systems, feedback control, real-time operating systems, program verification and the essentials for verifying hybrid systems. Our goal is to establish a first mutual understanding and communication skill between researchers in the above fields.

Lectures and Slides

Date Topic
April 15 no lecture
April 22 Introduction
April 29 Mathematical Foundations
May 6 no lecture (Dies Academicus)
May 13 no lecture
May 20 Control, Feedback and Transfer Functions
May 27 no lecture (Pentecost)
June 3 PID Control
June 10 Stability and Root Locus Method
June 17 Mixed-Criticality Scheduling and Real-Time Operating Systems
June 24 Coordination of Networked CPS
July 1 Program Verification
July 8 Differential Dynamic Logic and KeYmaera 4
July 15 Differential Invariants
July 22 no lecture


Voluntary exercise material will be available for all lectures. Please enroll to the course mailing list for discussions of the course material and exercises.


Exams will only be possible between August 3 and August 28. Please arrange early on for an exam slot.

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