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Computer Networks

Lectures offered by Chair for Computer Networks

Overview of all lectures and practical courses offered by the Chair for Computer Networks.
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Only show lectures and courses for following module:


Name SWS Term2 Lecturer ECTS1
Application Development for Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing (English) 2/2/0  WS Dr. Springer 
Distributed Systems 2/2/0  WS Prof. Schill 
Forschungslinie - Einführung in die Forschungsgebiete der Informatik 1/1/0  SS Prof. Schill 
Informatik II fuer Verkehrsingenieure 2/1/0  SS Dr. Habich 
Internet and Web Applications (English) 2/2/0  SS Prof. Schill 
iOS Programming (English) 2/0/0  WS Dr. Springer 
Mobile Communication and Mobile Computing 2/0/0  WS Prof. Schill 
Multimedia Communications 2/2/0  SS Dr. Schuster 
Prediction and Estimation Techniques (English) 2/2/0  WS PD Dargie 
Computer Networks 2/2/0  SS Prof. Schill 
Computer Networks in Practice 2/2/0  WS Dr. Feldmann 
Prof. Schill
Computer Networks in Practice (Lehramt) 2/1/0  WS Dr. Wutzler 
Service and Cloud Computing 2/2/0  WS Dr. Braun 
Wireless Sensor Networks (English) 2/2/0  SS PD Dargie 


Name SWS Term2 Lecturer ECTS1
Research seminar: Computer Networks 0/2/0  WS/SS Dr. Braun 
Prof. Schill
Seminar Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing 0/2/0  SS Dr. Springer 
Seminar Rechnernetze 0/2/0  WS/SS Dr. Feldmann 
Seminar Service and Cloud Computing 0/2/0  WS/SS Dr. Braun 


Name SWS Term2 Lecturer ECTS1
DSE Internship 0/0/8  WS/SS Dr. Springer 12 
Research project in Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing 0/0/8  WS/SS Dr. Springer 12 
Research project in Computer Networks 0/0/8  WS/SS Dr. Feldmann 12 
Research project in Service and Cloud Computing 0/0/8  WS/SS Dr. Braun 12 
Practical Course Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing 0/0/4  WS/SS Dr. Springer 
Practical Course Computer Networks 0/0/4  WS/SS Dr. Feldmann 
Practical Course Service and Cloud Computing 0/0/4  WS/SS Dr. Braun 
1 credit points by European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System for comparing the study attainment and performance
2 SS = summer semester, WS = winter semester
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