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Computer Networks

Assignment to specialization areas

The chair for Computer Networks offers lectures at the undergraduate and graduate level to all students of the Computer Science department. In addition, it offers lectures for students of other faculties, such as lectures for students of Business Computer Science, and for students of Educational Science. Additionally, the chair offers a basic introduction into Computer Networks for students of the faculty of Forest, Geo and Hydro Sciences.

The offered lectures are assigned to the following specialization areas of study according to the different curricula:

Computer Science
(Bachelor and Diploma degree)
Architecture of distributed systems
Computer Science
(Master degree)
Systems architecture
Media and Computer Science
(Bachelor and Diploma Degree)
System Architecture und System Technology
Media and Computer Science
(Master Degree)
Distributed systems and services
Technology of Information Systems
(Bachelor and Diploma Degree)
Architecture of Distributed Systems
Software Technology
(Diploma Degree)
Compulsory subject, 2nd semester
Computational Engineering, Distributed Systems Engineering
(Masters Degree)
Module "Ubiquitous Information Systems"

All lectures (see overview) of the Chair for Computer Science:

  • can be included into subject fields or major fields,
  • are open to all interested students of all study courses,
  • exams should be coordinated with the particular lecturer.

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