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THESEUS - Use Case TEXO - developing the infrastructure of the future services internet

  • SOA
  • Internet of Services
  • QoS


In the context of THESEUS, TEXO covers the domain of Business Webs in the Internet of Services. Business Webs are network of services where different independent enterprises collaborate with the goal of delivering one joint service. Motivation for the TEXO Use Case is the increase of relevance in the service sector. One goal of TEXO is to make services tradable and exportable (like products). Therefore TEXO develops an infrastructure to provide services in the Internet. The composability of services is a central feature for realizing new innovative services based on existing services, which can be offered by different providers. TEXO uses the Community of the service users and - providers for the identification of new, innovative services as well as for quality management of offered services in the Business Web.

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Project leader:

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Dr. h. c. Alexander Schill

Project staff:

Dr.-Ing. Iris Braun
Dipl.-Inf. Anne Kümpel
Dr.-Ing. Josef Spillner
Dr.-Ing. Anja Strunk

Recent publications:

    1. Gregor Scheithauer, Konrad Voigt, Matthias Winkler, Veli Bicer, Anja Strunk:
    Integrated Service Engineering workbench: Service engineering for digital ecosystems;
    Int. J. Electronic Business; 9; 392-413; 2011

    2. Josef Spillner, Iris Braun, Alexander Schill:
    Unified Hosting Techniques for the Internet of Tradeable and Executable Services;
    Software and Data Technologies - Revised Selected Papers, vol. 50 pp. 35-45, Springer Berlin Heidelberg; 3/2011

    3. Abrehet Omer:
    A Framework for Automatic Web Service Composition Based on Service Dependency Analysis;
    TU Dresden; 2011

    4. Alexander Schill:
    1987 - Vom Ernst des Lebens, 1994 - Go East, 2020 - Erneuerbare Energien; In: Lutz Heuser: Heinz Life - Kleine Geschichte vom Kommen und Gehen des Computers;
    Carl Hanser Verlag, München; 2010

    5. Alexander Schill:
    Internet der Dienste - Vision und Herausforderung;
    In: Peter Klingenburg, Jens Nebendahl (Herausgeber): Webolution - (Über-)Leben in der digitalen Welt; BusinessVillage, Göttingen; 7/2010

    6. Anja Strunk:
    An Algorithm to Predict the QoS-Reliability of Service Compositions;
    Services 2010 Workshops; IEEE; IEEE Computer Society, Miami, Florida, USA; 2010

    7. Anja Strunk:
    QoS-Aware Service Composition: A Survey;
    ECOWS 2010, European Conference on Web Services.; IEEE Computer Society; 12/2010

    8. Anja Strunk:
    X-FEE - An Extensible Framework for Providing Feedback in the Internet of Services;
    ICSOFT 2010; ACM, Athen, Greece; 2010

    9. Anne Kümpel, Iris Braun, Josef Spillner, Alexander Schill:
    (Semi-)Automatic Negotiation of Service Level Agreements;
    IADIS International Conference WWW/INTERNET 2010; Timisoara, Romania; 2010

    10. Josef Spillner:
    A Hybrid Approach for User Activity Experiments on Internet of Services Platforms;
    Proceedings of the 20th International Crimean Conference on Microwave and Telecommunication Technology (CriMiCo); Sewastopol, Ukraine; 9/2010

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Student Assignments:

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