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DFG SFB-912: Energy-Efficient Service Execution

  • Energy-efficient computing
  • Distributed power management
  • workload characterisation
  • power model
  • energy model
  • high performance computing


The aim of this project is to develop an energy-aware service execution platform. Energy-efficiency will be achieved by developing the following adaptation strategies: (1) energy-aware service selection; (2) dynamic service relocation during service execution; and (3) runtime service migration and re-binding. Since the service execution platform resides between the application and computing resources, it has comprehensive knowledge of workload and resource distribution as well as service request patters. This knowledge will be used to implement a distributed power management mechanism.

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Project promotion:

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

Project leader:

PD. Dr.-Ing. habil. Waltenegus Dargie

Project staff:

Eyuel Debebe Ayele
Dipl.-Inf. Franz Eichhorn
M.Sc. Markus Hähnel
Dipl.-Inf. Christoph Möbius
M.Sc. Kateryna Rybina
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Dr. h. c. Alexander Schill

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