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Computer Networks

Current Projects


Open Source Service Platform Research

  • service platforms
  • service models
  • community services
  • educational service communities


The Open Source Service Platform Research initiative is committed to exploring, hosting and promoting innovative research ideas in the Internet of Services and related topics such as Cloud Computing. Current results encompass:

  • SPACE as modular service platform with broker and execution parts, used among others as runtime architecture in TEXO
  • SPACEflight as integrating live demonstrator for new techniques and tools in the areas of SOA, IoS and Cloud Computing
  • SPACE-Cloud, connecting service platforms to basic and nested compute cloud resources
  • Crowdserving as experimental global service trading network
  • Servomat as interactive and collaborative learning environment (e-learning-by-doing) for service modelling and offer creation
  • WSMO4IoS as base and domain ontology catalogue for the semantic description of arbitrary services (XaaS)

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Project leader:

Dr.-Ing. Josef Spillner

Project staff:

Dr.-Ing. Iris Braun
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Dr. h. c. Alexander Schill

Recent publications:

Student Assignments:

    1. Sebastian Hubl:
    Entwicklung eines Visual Programming Editors zur Erstellung, Konfiguration und Simulation von Applikationen im Smart Home Umfeld;
    Diploma thesis; 07.09.2016; Supervising tutor: Iris Braun

    2. Felix Kluge:
    Entwicklung und Konzeption zur Umsetzung einer Transformation von einer ontologisch beschriebenen Policysemantik in eine sichere agentbasierte Ablaufsteuerung für Cloud-Anwendungen;
    Bachelor thesis; 24.02.2016; Supervising tutor: Iris Braun

    3. Sharmin Khaleque:
    Mobile Integration of a Cloud Storage Controller;
    Großer Beleg; 01.01.2016; Supervising tutor: Josef Spillner

    4. Marc Löchner:
    Federated Event Propagation in Distributed Social Networks;
    Master thesis; 18.12.2015; Supervising tutor: Josef Spillner

    5. Sebastian Tilsch:
    Entwurfs- und Architekturüberarbeitung der Cloud-Dateiverwaltungslösung NubiVis;
    Großer Beleg; 03.05.2015; Supervising tutor: Josef Spillner

    6. Maximilian Quellmalz:
    Situationsoptimale Datenspeicherung in einem kontextsensitiven Speicherkontroller;
    Diploma thesis; 15.12.2014; Supervising tutor: Josef Spillner

    7. Alok Gupta:
    Disaster Recovery in Complex Distributed Storage Pools;
    Master thesis; 15.12.2014; Supervising tutor: Josef Spillner

    8. Haosheng He:
    Advanced User-Friendly Configuration and Visualisation of Distributed Data;
    Master thesis; 14.07.2014; Supervising tutor: Josef Spillner

    9. Johannes Müller:
    Automatic Calibration of Cloud Storage Controllers;
    Diploma thesis; 08.07.2014; Supervising tutor: Josef Spillner

    10. Yinan Hu:
    Optimization and Standardization of IT Service Management Processes;
    Master thesis; 28.04.2014; Supervising tutor: Josef Spillner

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