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AMCS - Auditorium Mobile Classroom Service


Even though classical lectures at universities are criticized for lacking interactivity and treating students like passive receptors of information they are still very popular. Due to the big amount of students, interaction between teacher and students is difficult to realize. Several projects address this problem by offering technical solutions which aim at increasing the interactivity during classes or lectures – classic clicker-systems as well as solutions in which students use their own smartphones, netbooks or tablet-PCs. Based on research on self-regulated learning (SRL) processes we developed the already existing tools one step further: instead of only providing questions we designed Auditorium Mobile Classroom Service (AMCS) – a program which offers several possibilities to interact during a lecture. AMCS supports students to regulate their own learning process during the lecture. Learning questions are one core element to support them. On the basis of the results of the learning questions specific advices and hints are sent to the students’ smartphones. The features increase the interactivity between the content and students and the interaction in the lecture hall.

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Project leader:

Dr.-Ing. Iris Braun

Project staff:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tenshi Hara
M.Sc. Tommy Kubica
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Dr. h. c. Alexander Schill


Recent publications:

    1. Tommy Kubica, Iris Braun, Tenshi Hara, Felix Kapp, Alexander Schill:
    Choosing the appropriate Audience Response System in different Use-Cases;
    Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Education, Training and Informatics (ICETI 2019); Orlando; 2019

    2. Iris Braun, Felix Kapp, Tenshi Hara, Tommy Kubica:
    Erfolgsfaktoren beim Einsatz von Audience Response Systemen: didaktisches Konzept, technische Rahmenbedingungen und Einbezug der beteiligten Akteure;
    E-Learning Symposium 2018 an der Universität Potsdam; Potsdam, Germany; 11/2018

    3. Iris Braun, Tenshi Hara, Felix Kapp, Lucas Braeschke, Alexander Schill:
    Technology-enhanced Self-Regulated Learning: Assessment Support through an Evaluation Centre;
    Proceedings of 2018 IEEE 42nd Annual Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC),Symposia "CELT: Computer Education & Learning Technologies"; Tokyo; 7/2018

    4. Tenshi Hara, Anastasia Iljassova, Iris Braun, Felix Kapp:
    Graphicuss - Temporal Visualisation of Canvas Creation Processes;
    10th International Conference on Computer Supported Education (CSEdu 2018); 3/2018

    5. Tenshi Hara, Anne Schumacher, Iris Braun, Felix Kapp, Alexander Schill:
    Multi-Level De-Anonymisation for initially anonymous Discussion Systems in a Self-Regulated Learning Environment;
    10th International Conference on Computer Supported Education (CSEdu 2018); 3/2018

    6. Cornelius Brandmiller, Susanne Narciss, Iris Braun, Tenshi Hara, Felix Kapp:
    Do Audience Response Systems help in university lectures? - The effects of learning questions and additional prompts on learning and perception of the lecture by students;
    4. Jahrestagung des Berliner Netzwerks für interdisziplinäre Bildungsforschung (BIEN); 11/2017

    7. Felix Kapp, Iris Braun, Tenshi Hara, Susanne Narciss:
    Teaching educational psychology with an audience response system - Auditorium Mobile Classroom Service (AMCS) as a mean to foster learning in university lectures;
    European Psychology Learning and Teaching (EUROPLAT 2017); 2017

    8. Iris Braun, Felix Kapp, Tenshi Hara, Tommy Kubica, Alexander Schill:
    AMCS (Auditorium Mobile Classroom Service) - ein ARS mit Lernaufgaben, Push-Notifications und umfangreichen Evaluationsm?glichkeiten;
    DelFi; Workshop “Audience Response Systems” auf der DelFi 2017 " Bildungsräume"; Chemnitz; 9/2017

    9. Tenshi Hara, Kaijun Chen, Iris Braun, Felix Kapp:
    Graphicuss - Proposing a Graphical Discussion System;
    CSEDU, INSTINCC; International Conference on Computer Supported Education 2017; 4/2017

    10. Tommy Kubica, Tenshi Hara, Iris Braun, Felix Kapp, Alexander Schill:
    Geführte Auswahl von IT-basierten Lehr/Lern-Werkzeugen;
    15. e-Learning Fachtagung Informatik (DeLFI 2017); 9/2017

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Student Assignments:

    1. Robert Peine:
    Untersuchung der Möglichkeiten der Kopplung des Audience Response Systems AMCS mit externen Learning-Management-Systemen (LMS);
    Bachelor thesis; 10.09.2018; Supervising tutor: Iris Braun

    2. Daniel Jancin:
    Entwicklung eines Powerpoint-Add-Ins zur Integration der Auswertung der Lernaufgaben und Umfragen der ARS-Plattform AMCS in eine Präsentation;
    Bachelor thesis; 18.12.2017; Supervising tutor: Iris Braun

    3. Patrick Buchholz:
    Entwicklung automatisierter Tests zur Überwachung der Integration und Performanz von mobilen Applikationen im Rahmen von AMCS;
    Master thesis; 14.12.2017; Supervising tutor: Iris Braun

    4. Sascha Kath:
    Automatisierte Steuerung eines Web-Services während einer PowerPoint-Präsentation;
    Diploma thesis; 07.11.2017; Supervising tutor: Tenshi Hara

    5. Christoph Seifert:
    Redundanzvermeidung bei Echtzeitdatenströmen in Intercloud-Szenarien für Smart-Home-Mehrwertdienste;
    Diploma thesis; 27.02.2017; Supervising tutor: Philipp Grubitzsch

    6. Lucas Braeschke:
    Evaluation von Lehrveranstaltungen und des Lernerfolges der Studierenden mit Hilfe der Plattform AMCS;
    Bachelor thesis; 24.10.2016; Supervising tutor: Iris Braun

    7. Kaijun Chen:
    Graphical Discussion System;
    Master thesis; 29.08.2016; Supervising tutor: Tenshi Hara

    8. Martin Johst:
    Entwicklung einer Applikation zur Steuerung von Präsentationen in einer Vorlesung mit Smartwatches und der Kopplung mit der ARS-Plattform AMCS;
    Bachelor thesis; 02.08.2016; Supervising tutor: Iris Braun

    9. Christoph Uschkat:
    Untersuchungen zur Beiläufigkeit von Lehr-/Lernplattformen;
    Bachelor thesis; 25.11.2015; Supervising tutor: Tenshi Hara

    10. Radzhiv Khayretdinov:
    Cloud Orchestration – Evaluation von Orchestrierungsl?sungen und prototypische Umsetzung einer Microservice-Umgebung;
    Bachelor thesis; ; Supervising tutor: Iris Braun

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