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Mobilis - Pervasive Social Computing using XMPP

  • mobile real-time collaboration
  • Android application development
  • mobile social networking
  • XMPP
  • location-based and proximity-based services


Social Computing, especially online social networks like Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter are now killer applications for the mobile Internet. But the potential of social apps on smart phones and other pervasive devices in the user’s environment is not yet fully exploited. Smart phone sensors as well as sensors and actuators in the natural surroundings of a person could be used to derive comprehensive knowledge about the physical environment and nearby people and their behavior, social links and activities. Social and collaborative apps taking advantage of this rich awareness are called Pervasive Social Computing applications. They allow their users to interact seamlessly with devices and other people in their natural surroundings.
The project Mobilis focuses on use cases with collaboration in real-time like friend finder (proximity search), shared editing of drawings and texts or location-based multiplayer games. The goal of the Mobilis project is to ease the development of apps for Pervasive Social Computing especially for non-commercial developers who often lack the resources necessary to develop a complex pervasive application. Mobilis provides an infrastructure based on the eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) including basic building blocks for collaborative mobile applications. This comprises authentication and discovery of devices, reliable delivery of messages in the mobile scenario, support for service-based protocol engineering and dynamic deployment of server components for apps as well as support for session mobility.

Project leader:

Dr.-Ing. Daniel Schuster


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