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Computer Networks

Main research areas

Service and Cloud Computing

  • Internet of Services
  • Platforms for Service Marketplaces
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Cloud Computing


Conventional SOA approaches often do not fulfil the expectations associated with them regarding a flexible infrastructure which adapts to changing conditions and business processes. The idea of an Internet of Services, in which everybody can offer and use services, is unnecessarily confronted with obstacles due to such limitations. The architectural style and process paradigms of SOA thus need to be extended with aspects of dynamics, guarantees and user centricity. In the project FutureSOA, topics like the ad-hoc generation of user interfaces, the flexible composition of atomic services to composite business processes and the feasability of new SOA technologies are being researched and evaluated. The inclusion of humans into the Internet of Services is the common theme for two projects. In ServFace, the goal is a model-driven development of UIs with support from annotations. These support the inference of UIs from service descriptions. In the project, both task-oriented and presentation-oriented approaches to modelling applications on top of the annotations are explored. In addition, a generator for executable code and a custom runtime environment are being developed. The project CRUISe encompasses the realisation of user interfaces for web applications which consist of composable UI components. The novelty of this approach is the representation of these UI components as UI services, aligned with web service paradigms. Beside the coupling to functional services, the project also explores context-aware, repository-based search methods for UI services. In the project TEXO of the lighthouse programme THESEUS, infrastructures for the operation of services and service marketplaces are being created. The central research topics range from the modelling of service descriptions and usage agreements to questions of contract-bound, adaptive execution of heterogeneous, tradable services. Within this project, we develop a standalone, freely available service platform and use it for integrating our research prototypes regarding process adaptation and quality improvements. Nowadays, the buzzword Cloud Computing aggregates different types of service oriented, tailored and fast ad hoc access to highly scalable virtulized computer ressources over the internet. Even though the economic advantages of outsourcing are obvious, lots of companies have comprehensible reservations against the usage of this latest technology. Currently many questions remain unanswered, e.g. the control of data security or the migration of existing systems in the cloud. Therefore the junior research group FlexCloud is developing methods and mechanisms for supporting a secure cloud lifecycle. With our research results, companies and home users will be able to securely move their applications and data to the cloud on purpose while keeping control.

Research projects:

Team leader:

Dr.-Ing. Iris Braun

Team members:

Dr.-Ing. Philipp Grubitzsch
Dipl.-Inf. Manuel Weißbach

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