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Computer Networks

Main research areas

Pervasive Computing and Collaboration

  • Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
  • Context-Awareness and Adaptation
  • Location-based Services
  • Software Engineering for Mobile Applications
  • Smart Mobility


Our research in the area of Mobile and Pervasive Computing and Collaboration covers applications and services for the mobile Internet of smart phones and other smart devices that integrate themselves seamlessly in the natural surroundings of the user. We focus on use cases with collaboration of users in real-time on the basis or as a component of online social networks. To be able to develop applications for Pervasive Computing and Collaboration efficiently, the developer needs frameworks not only covering the mobile app but the necessary server or cloud components as well as the integration of sensors and actuators nearby. We are tackling research issues of session mobility, deployment and discovery based on service descriptions as well as negotiation of service quality. Furthermore, we investigate on possibilities for complex emulation of collaborative application scenarios to be able to test and evaluate apps for Pervasive Computing and Collaboration in complex real-life scenarios. Another research focus is the software development process for mobile adaptive and multimodal applications. Language concepts and architectures for web-based adaptive applications and the modeling of adaptive applications are addressed. Further aspects are security issues in mobile networks, special services for mobile infrastructures (e. g. selecting the optimal connection among several access networks) and the development of services for mobile devices based on J2ME and OSGi (Open Services Gateway Initiative).

Research projects:

Team leader:

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Springer

Team members:

M.Sc. Tommy Kubica
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Dr. h. c. Alexander Schill
Dr.-Ing. Nguonly Taing
Dr.-Ing. Markus Wutzler

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