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Energy Lab

  • Energy efficient networks and protocols
  • Energy efficient servers and data centres
  • Dynamic power management algorithms
  • Applications of wireless sensor networks
  • Energy efficient signal processing algorithms


The energy consumption of information and communication technology infrastructures (networks, application servers, data centres, etc.) has become a major research concern. Factors that contribute to this include an ever increasing amount of multimedia data shared and communicated over the Internet and the trend of over provisioning of computing resources by infrastructure providers to accommodate the demand. Whereas a substantial work exists on dynamic power management of large scale servers and data centres, the impact of most of these is limited in that they do not fully take the existence of logical dependency between distributed systems into account. The Energy Lab at the Chair of Computer Networks aims to address the problem of power consumption by addressing design, deployment, and operational aspects of ICT infrastructures. In this respect, the team focuses on (1) developing resource efficient wired and wireless networks; and (2) developing probabilistic models that capture the dependency between distributed servers and services in order to develop dynamic power and load-balancing algorithms. In both cases, the team undertake extensive measurements pertaining to the performance and energy consumption of ICT infrastructures.


Team leader:

PD. Dr.-Ing. habil. Waltenegus Dargie


Dr.-Ing. Zeeshan Ansar
M.Sc. Markus Hähnel
Dipl.-Ing. Jannis Lilienthal
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Dr. h. c. Alexander Schill
Dr. -Ing. Jianjun Wen

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